Black Walnut Interior Silent Door Lock Round Door Handle Security Door Lock for Children room

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Color: Antique Silver
  • Material:  zinc alloy

  • Applications: Wooden interior doors

  • Common Combination: 

  • All set= (including a pair door handle, lock body, Lock cylinder, keys, and screws)

  • Fake Lock= (including a pair of door handles and screws only, no lock body and cylinder)

  • Privacy door = (including a pair door handle, lock body, Lock cylinder, screws, but no keys)

  • Note: You can freely match, such as (door handle + lock core )or (door handle + lock body)

  • please contact me if necessary, thank you

  • For general-purpose Backset and Cylinder, please purchase from related links!!

Collections: Door Lock Vendors: Miaokesen SKU: G522RS-Pair

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