Antique Retro Bar Pull Dainty Cabinet Handle Multipack

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Color: Black
Hole Center:

This is a retro American Bar handle, restoring the original shape of the handle. Vintage brass and vintage silver, this is the color left by the baptism of time. Retro style is not stereotyped and conservative, but a tribute, continuation, and inheritance of the beautiful things in the past. Hope you can see the traces of time in these handles.

What You Will Receive ?

  • 6pcs Cabinet Handles
  • 2*6pcs 0.156-31 UNC Short Screw (M4-21mm)
  • 2*6pcs 0.156-56 UNC Adjustable Screws (M4-within 45mm)
  • 1*Operation Manual , You can follow it to install your handle

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